Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy currency online?

Not currently but we are continually launching new and innovative foreign currency services, including the ability to buy online. Currently you can reserve your currency online for collection. Payment will be taken when you collect your currency

Which stores can I reserve currency for collection at?

There are many stores which are available as pick up stores. To find out more about our reserve and collect stores, please click here.

Will I get the rates shown on your website?

The rates quoted are indicative and subject to change. The rate you receive will be subject to when you go to the store and how much you want to exchange. Our guarantee means you’ll get the best rate, either the online rate on the day of collection or the in store rate.

What are the current foreign exchange allowances?

The allowances have increased to: R1,000, 000.00 per calendar year per adult (18+) and R200 000.00 per annum per child (under 18 years old).

How soon can I buy my foreign exchange?

Foreign exchange can be bought 60 days prior to departure.

Can one buy foreign exchange on a one-way ticket?

Yes, provided you are not emigrating and intend returning to South Africa within twelve months of departure.

May one keep unused foreign exchange for further trips?

No, according to the Reserve Bank rules, all foreign exchange needs to be re-purchased, through an authorised dealer, within a month of returning to South Africa.

Why can't one purchase foreign exchange for Namibia, Lesotho or Swaziland?

They form part of the common monetary area, for which there is no foreign exchange allowance; There are no restrictions to the amount in Rands that passengers take to Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.

What does common monetary area mean?

Those are areas where the South African Rand is used and accepted.

In what format can one take foreign exchange?

Foreign exchange can be bought in the form of traveller’s cheques, telegraphic transfers, foreign cash, drafts and cash passport cards.

Are there any restrictions as to how much foreign cash one purchases?

No, one is entitled to take one’s full allowance in the form of foreign cash, credit card, draft or even traveller’s cheques.

What is a draft?

A draft is like a cheque, but in foreign currency, which can be deposited or cashed at banks overseas.

Can one accumulate one’s allowance if not utilised during the current year?

No, if one does not utilise one’s allowance during the current year it falls away.


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